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Why YouTube is the Right Choice For Your Next Corporate Video

Photo: Sharing Video on Social MediaAt Aria Fine Art Films, we understand that while taking a solid vision for a corporate video and executing it into the best possible reality is an important part of your larger efforts, it is just that – a single part. What good is a perfect video that you spent a huge amount of time, money and energy on if nobody is around to view it? When it comes time to putting your next corporate video online, we think that YouTube is absolutely the right choice for not just your video but for your brand and business for a number of very compelling reasons.

The Power of Reach – YouTube and the Global Audience

According to YouTube’s own in-house statistics, almost one third of all people with an active Internet connection visit YouTube at least once during the course of a week. As of 2016, YouTube has over a billion active users generating billions of views and watching hundreds of millions of hours of video content on a daily basis.

The most interesting thing about this trend is that it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The total number of hours that people are spending watching videos on the site has actually increased at least 50% year over year since 2013. The total number of individual people watching YouTube on a daily basis is also up 40% since March of 2014.

The YouTube Effect

According to a study that was recently conducted by Forbes, 75% of all executive-level respondents indicated that they watch at least one work or corporate-related video every week. Out of those people, an incredible 50% indicated that they watched those videos on, you guessed it, YouTube. Moving beyond that, 65% of THOSE people indicated that they were motivated to visit a marketer’s website soon after viewing that video.

THIS is why YouTube is the right choice for your next corporate video. It goes above and beyond just how easy it is to get your high quality content online for all to see – it’s also incredibly easy to consume and to share for the audience of people that you’re trying to reach. If someone sees a video on your website and wants to share it, you have to have existing mechanisms in place to allow that to happen as organically as possible or you could potentially miss a pretty important boat. With YouTube, all of this is taken care of AND you get the benefit of leveraging the power of a proven, popular platform to your advantage.

If you’re located in or around the Chicago area and are looking for a trusted partner to execute your vision and take your corporate video needs to the next level, congratulations: you’ve just found them. Please contact Aria Fine Art Films today for more information about how to leverage the power of not just technology, but film making, to the advantage of your business for now and for all time.

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