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Why Great Video Editing Can Help Your Corporate Video

Photo: Video Editing EquipmentWhen most people think of video editing, they usually think of taking raw footage and arranging individual shots into an order that tells a story. While this type of continuity is certainly important, the true power of great video editing is something much more subtle: impact.

Great video editing can truly help your corporate video shine. However, the reverse is also true – poor video editing can ruin even the most beautifully-shot footage if you’re not careful. Great video editing is almost like a magic trick – you might not be able to fully explain what you’ve seen, but you know it was magical. Understanding the true importance of this filmmaking tool that far too many people take for granted requires you to keep a few key things in mind.

What Editing Means to Video Production

In terms of true storytelling, video editing involves a whole lot more than just lining up the right shots in the right order. Video editing controls every aspect of a viewer’s experience, right down to the feeling they get when your corporate video finishes for the first time.

Video editing is directly related to pace, for example. By making sure that no shot drags on to long, you can make even long videos feel like brisk cinematic experiences that don’t waste even a second in terms of the message you’re trying to get across. Consider the editing styles of a Hollywood feature film – one of the reasons why those big action set pieces are so exciting has nothing to do with the charming actors or actresses or those million dollar special effects and everything to do with editing.

Video editing can also be expertly used to emphasize a point if used judiciously.

Video editing isn’t just about continuity or chronology. It’s about weight. It’s about feeling. It’s about impact. When properly combined with the other elements of your video like the images on screen, music, audio effects and more, video editing can truly help you build to something. It can help guarantee that your corporate video ends in the type of effortless crescendo that will stick with your viewers long after they’ve closed their Web browser.

There’s a reason why they give out an Academy Award for editing each year – it’s one of the most powerful tools that storytellers have in their arsenal to invoke feeling and emotion from their audience in an organic and almost subliminal way. It can also help you take your corporate video production efforts to the next level.

At Aria Fine Art Films, we’re prepared to use every tool at our disposal to tell your story in the most effective way possible – and that includes using the emphasis that only great video editing can provide to our advantage. If you’re located in or around Chicagoand want to expose your brand’s story to a bold new audience, contact us today for more information.

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