Professional Videography vs. Photographs

Many individuals in the Chicago area plan on capturing the images of their wedding by hiring a professional photographer. This opens up the door for the next question. Why not consider Chicago wedding videography to film your wedding instead? Granted, hiring the right team of experts and specialists who have the required experience and expertise will no doubt add to your wedding budget. However, there are several reasons why you should consider hiring an Aria Fine Art Films videographer to capture the special moments of your wedding.

We will capture the moments you remember – A photographer can capture the “big” moments such as the exchange of vows, the kiss, and so on. But, our videographers can create magic on film, and will capture all the moments you remember most. Imagine seeing each other kiss as husband and wife for the very first time; or the ear-to-ear smiles on one another’s face as you were introduced to the audience as Mr. and Mrs. All of these moments and your emotions will be captured in a stunning, High Definition format on Blu-ray disc.

We will capture the moments you may have forgotten – It’s amazing how quickly your special day passes. It is especially noted when you considering the months of planning and preparation that were involved to get to that point in time. Capturing the most subtle of moments is what Aria Fine Art Films does best when providing wedding videography in Chicago. For example, we will capture the hand-picked flowers used in decorating the church; or the way your husband was withholding his tears while he waited for you to reach the altar. While these moments are subtle in nature, we will ensure that they will never be forgotten.

We will capture the sounds of your wedding – Regardless of how spectacular photos can be; they only address one of the five senses, namely sight. With a wedding video, it appeals to your hearing as well as your vision. Our videography team is fully equipped with state-of-the-art audio recording equipment. Basically, we can place undetectable microphones on the bride and groom’s person, so that you can relive saying your vows to one another. Or hear the audience laughing at the Best Man’s toast. Most importantly, you’d be able the replay those two magic words “I do.”

You can share your wedding memories time and time again – You know that there may be other family members and friends who will not be able to attend your wedding; perhaps because of health reasons, travel restrictions, etc. Our Chicago wedding videography team will ensure that you can share your wedding memories, as often as you like, with those individuals who couldn’t be there. Furthermore, your wedding video will not just be enjoyed by you and your spouse. It can be handed down from one generation to the next. Think how your future grandchildren would enjoy this.

You won’t have any regrets – According to a recent bridal survey, conducted by the Wedding and Event Videographers Association, 98% of all newlyweds who had their weddings filmed recommended that future brides consider doing the same. Plus, 63% of those brides, whose weddings were not filmed, also recommended that wedding videography is the way to best capture the memories of their event. For all intents and purposes, Aria Fine Art Films wedding videography, in Chicago, is the best way to capture all the emotions of your special day, and record its history.

Let Us Tell Your Wedding Story

Hiring the right wedding videography team is critical to meeting your needs when it comes to creating a lifetime of memories on film. Although it involves a valuable investment, video productions offer features and benefits that even the most professional of photographs cannot replicate. Aria Fine Art Films has created numerous masterpieces that couples can see, and share with loved ones and friends, whenever they choose.

We believe that your wedding video should tell a story. By combining professional video effects with state-of-the-art editing, we can help you accomplish this. Additionally, wedding videos require so many more elements that photographs don’t. You need passion and versatility. But most importantly, you need heart. That is exactly what you’ll receive when you hire a Chicago wedding videography team with Aria Fine Art Films to film your wedding.

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