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Ways You Can Make Short Corporate Videos More Compelling

One of the most common pieces of advice repeated throughout the digital marketing world today is this: provide meaningful content, and you will gain the audiences that you are looking for. However, you may be wondering how to do all of this with only a short amount of running time for your marketing video, especially if you are considering getting some video production in Chicago or any other venue. Luckily, you can still do quite a lot of convincing even with just a little bit of screen time. Here are a few tips on how to make your next corporate videos more engaging and compelling:

1. Teach People How to Do New Things

Many people are always on the lookout to learn new things, whether to help them advance in their careers or simply to get better at a hobby they have just picked up. In order to take advantage of people’s innate desire to improve their skills and gain more knowledge, try creating short videos that will teach your audience how to solve a problem related to your product or services. According to Social Media Examiner, if you make your tutorial video as short and simple as possible, then your audience will be much more likely to find it useful and share it with their friends.

2. Tap into Your Audience’s Emotions

When creating promotional materials, many companies choose to state the various benefits that their products or services can offer people. While this is still a crucial part of advertising, this strategy is mostly based on logic, while many consumers tend to act more strongly upon their emotional impulses. According to ReelSEO, you can take advantage of both logic and emotion by creating a “logic sandwich” out of them. Start your video by appealing to your audience’s emotions. Then, transition to talking about the concrete benefits of your offering. Finally, go back to using emotional cues to reinforce the idea that your product is something that will solve their problems.

3. Make Your Videos Timely

Though many experts do encourage you to create content that is considered evergreen, that is, something that will last throughout the years, there is also value in creating content that is specifically created for a specific event or time of the year. This is because search engines determine how well you will rank by also taking into consideration just how timely your video is. According to Forbes, creating a video that rides on current trends can also increase your chances of making it go viral because you are showing that you’re interested in the same topics that your audience cares about.

Now that you know how to capture your audience’s interests in a short amount of time, you will be able to get better results with less production costs. As long as you are able to provide something of value to your audience without wasting their time, then you will be able to build a steady stream of income from satisfied repeat customers.


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