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Video Production Companies Chicago

Corporate Video Production is Advantageous to Businesses Growth

Many businesses today have enjoyed the benefits that video production companies in Chicago have provided, when incorporating this into their overall marketing strategy. Many corporations use videos for a multitude of reasons including:

  • company or product promotional videos
  • informational videos
  • service promotional videos
  • targeted videos that reach a specific group of demographics
  • training videos

With the exception of the 4th point above, these videos are typically viewed by current employees and new hires, but they can also be designed for other businesses to see them. Furthermore, these videos are utilized to convey financial results, promotions, safety, and training information. At Aria Film Studio, well-known as one of the leading video production companies in Chicago, we are able to work with a wide range of clients on many different levels. Especially where delivering your company’s marketing message is concerned.

We Turn Concepts and Ideas into Reality

As an industry leader, we know that no two clients are alike. So it takes a special talent to turn a company’s concepts or ideas into reality. There are a number of ways in which video production companies Chicago develop videos for marketing purposes. Every business entity has a different corporate setting and videography environment. So it takes a video production company with a proven track record and solid reputation to manage such a project.

The video specialists and technicians at Aria Film Studio take the following elements or factors into consideration when developing your concept and ideas:

  • 3D animation
  • casting
  • color correction
  • concept development
  • location scouting
  • motion graphics
  • music scoring
  • pre-production
  • previsualization
  • production
  • script writing
  • sound design
  • storyboards
  • video Editing
  • video finishing
  • visual effects


We can tell your story using the latest videography technologies and provide you with an authentic, beautiful, dynamic, entertaining and informative video that will separate your company from your competitors.

Advantages of Corporate Video Productions

When directed and produced properly, a corporate video can be a very powerful tool for marketing and promoting your company, and the products or services you offer. While there are numerous Chicago video production companies available, not all of them have the combined experience and expertise required to make a high-quality marketing video. It takes a specialized skill set to produce a corporate video that conveys the message that clients, and their companies, are trying to deliver internally to their employees. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a very boring and ineffective video.

Having corporate videos gives companies a decided advantage over their competitors who have not incorporated this into their business growth strategies. Another primary advantage is that a professionally produced corporate video is a great tool for educating and training employees; especially new hires. Furthermore, you can create a video and post it to your website in order to expand your target audience, or use them internally and make them accessible to specific users only. Finally, you can use these videos for educational purposes such as safety training for employees.

Needless to say, the primary advantages, and/or benefit, are the cost-effectiveness of corporate videos. For example, you can deliver a message with a professionally produced video, verses spending considerable money and time flying a CEO or HR across the country, for an informational meeting or a training. It goes without saying that these visual tools can save corporations thousands of dollars on their bottom line, while extend their reach to employees on a national or global scale.

Marketing and Promotional Advantages

Granted, there are a number of video production companies in Chicago that now develop marketing and promotional videos. However, Aria Film Studio stresses understanding why the following five (5) points are essential to developing a successful video campaign:

  • Consumers are more likely to purchase goods or services after watching a video.
  • Social media video campaigns are a proven effective marketing tool.
  • Users tend to engage more with videos rather than content.
  • Video stimulates more word-of-mouth advertising than content does.
  • When the content is interesting, viewers will be more prone to sharing it.

As your corporate video production partner, we will help you deliver your message and tell your story to an expansive target audience. Whether you want to reach consumers regionally, nationally, or globally, contact Aria Film Studio, one of the best video production companies in Chicago, and speak to a specialist about your specific needs. We’ll turn your concept or idea into reality.

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