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The Importance of Brand Continuity + Brand Videos

Brand Video - Studio SetAccording to a recent study conducted by Accenture, 28% of consumers are loyal to the particular providers or brands they’ve chosen to buy from in the past. Of those loyal consumers, 61% indicated that they would gladly be willing to tell their friends and family members about positive experiences they’ve had because of that loyalty that has developed naturally over time.

Many people believe that the only way to generate that loyalty is through customer service. While this will always play an important role, you can actually use your brand videos to accomplish much the same thing – provided that you know how to utilize the concept of brand continuity and let it work to your advantage.

What is Brand Continuity?

At its core, the major ideas behind brand continuity can all be boiled down into one simple but important word: consistency. Regardless of the marketing techniques you’re using, be they brand videos or emails or landing pages or something else entirely, everything should feel like it has come from the same source.

Essentially, if a user watches one of your brand videos, reads through a page about a particular product you offer and then browses through the latest email newsletter you just sent, they should all feel like one component of a larger whole. Not only should they look the same, but they should feel the same as well. The language should be consistent. The emotions that you’re invoking should carry through from one source to another. This is how you help convey what your company is all about to target audiences, instilling in them a sense of loyalty that will turn them from prospective buyers into regular ones.

What Brand Continuity Does For You

In terms of video marketing, maintaining brand continuity is often less a single, large decision and instead often comes down to a series of smaller ones. Even just making sure that the same version of your company logo that appears on your website also appears at the end of your video will go a long way towards not only increasing your overall market visibility, but also will create the type of reliable image that can give you a competitive advantage both now and for all time.

This is why it is often so important to work with true, experienced filmmakers for your corporate and marketing video needs. Companies like Aria Fine Art Films know how to both execute your vision for a particular video to convey the message you need, as well as how to make sure that each video all adds up to something far greater than the sum of its parts: a true continuity-driven brand experience in every sense of the term.

At Aria Fine Art Films, your story is our passion – no exceptions. If you’re located in and around the Chicago area and are looking to take your brand videos and other video marketing efforts to the next level, don’t delay – contact us today for more information.


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