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Statistics Showing the Strength of Online Video Marketing in Business Strategies

Videos have been around for a long time, starting out on bulky tapes, transitioning to flat discs, and eventually landing on virtual servers in cities such as New York. Just how much have videos impacted the way we browse the Internet? In this blog post, we’ll discuss some interesting observations about the way video is changing not only the way we live, but the way corporations are using them to market their offerings.

Audiences’ Preference to Engage with Videos

When you visit a website, what are your eyes usually drawn to? According to statistics from Diode Digital, at least 60 percent of people will start watching a video before even reading any of the text on any given website. To add to that, if the user sees a button that will allow them to share the video, they often take the opportunity to share it with the people on their social media feeds.

Technology and the Integration of Video

Because more and more people are engaging with videos, technology has also started to adapt to the evolution of people’s learning styles. Back in the day, whether you were filming in St. Louis or elsewhere, it was hard to imagine having tiny, full-color screens on our handheld devices. The appeal of using smartphones and tablets comes from the convenience of being able to carry them around in your bag or pocket, meaning you can also watch videos while you’re commuting to and from work. According to statistics from Invodo, 50 percent of all mobile traffic is made up of videos. In fact, there are predictions that this will rise up to 75 percent of mobile traffic by the year 2016.

The Rise of Video Marketing on the Internet

No matter what device you use and how often you watch online, it is hard to deny that videos are being featured more prominently on various websites. Whether viewers are trying to look for new information about a new product or trying to learn a new skill, a combination of visuals and sounds tends to improve audiences’ retention rates. At the same time, many find videos easier to consume because they are usually highly engaging and do not take as much time to consume, compared to having to sit down and carefully read an article. According Robert Kyncl, Vice President of Global Content for YouTube, video may well be the reason for 90 percent of total traffic on the Internet in the next few years.

Given these staggering statistics, is it any wonder why video marketing is so effective? Whether you are thinking of getting in touch with a local company, looking into Pakistani cinematography in Los Angeles, or exploring options outside of the country, the most important thing is to make sure that your video contains something useful and memorable. Add your company branding and a convincing call to action to the end of the video, and you can potentially rake in millions of views and thousands of sales from just one minute of video.

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