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Key Elements of every Video Marketing Strategy

According to Forbes Magazine, 2015 was called the “Year of Video Marketing” and justifiably so. Businesses developed newer, more innovative ways of using videos in their overall marketing strategies to expand their target audience and generate more visitor traffic to their websites. Today, you see them pop up in Google search results or posted all over social media platforms. These different videos stand out for several reasons but primarily because consumers can find the information they are searching for without getting barraged by an overwhelming amount of text.

Granted, video production companies in Chicago have played a significant role in the equation. However, it’s extremely important to develop your video marketing strategy before contracting any video production companies in Chicago to handle your project. Thus, discuss it with the company or hire marketing specialists that can guide your business on this aspect. When constructing your strategy, be sure you include the following 5 key elements:

Create a publishing schedule – companies time their Facebook posts and their Twitter tweets to run in conjunction with their video marketing campaign. For instance, rather than post a single video that runs over and over, develop a series of videos for your campaign. Once you have determined the content of each video, create and set up your publishing schedule.

Include helpful tips and tutorials – posting helpful tips or tutorials about your products or services is a great method for connecting with consumers. It will entice viewers into wanting to learn more about them while at the same time establishing you and your company as an industry leading expert.

Put your clients or customers behind the camera – one of the best ways to connect with your clients or customers and get them talking about your products or services is by inviting these individuals to create their own video to include in your video production strategy in Chicago. This is known as “user-generated” content and it oftentimes works considerably better than content that is company generated.

Utilize short-form videos – brief statements that get straight to the point will trump longer content every time. Today there are micro-video applications that will enable you to shorten your corporate videos to 10 seconds or less if need be. These are ideal for sharing on social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. It’s also a great way to send your marketing message to a large audience quickly and easily.

Don’t forget the call to action – one of the most common mistakes that business owners and upper management makes is having video production companies in Chicago create their marketing video and then omit a call to action. This is one of the single most important elements of a video marketing strategy and if you fail to include it in your video, your viewers won’t know what to do after watching it. Basically, you will have invested a lot of time and money for nothing.


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