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Interesting Customs You May Encounter during a Traditional Muslim Wedding

Though modern times may have changed the way we look at wedding ceremonies, many people still retain their traditional customs. This fact also applies to Muslim weddings. Some couples choose to go traditional, while some even hire a professional to do some Muslim wedding videography in Los Angeles to document their special occasion. If you’ve never been to one of these weddings before, then you can expect to run into a lot of unique customs that you may have not seen before. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most important parts of the event.

Preparing a Marriage Contract for the Bride

Before the actual wedding ceremony takes place, the groom must prepare a contract for the bride. Sometimes referred to as a mahr, a meher is a formal statement that is included in the marriage contract, which details exactly how much money the groom is expected to give to his future wife, according to The Knot. The meher usually plays out in two acts. First, there is a prompt given prior to the actual wedding, which in modern times is usually the ring that is presented by the groom. Then, the groom has to give the wife a certain amount of money on a regular basis over a long period of time, usually throughout her entire life.

What Happens during the Actual Wedding Ceremony

After the contract has been prepared, the actual wedding ceremony, called the nikah, follows a few days after. According to BBC, this is when the groom proposes to his bride-to-be while also talking about what exactly is written in the meher. Sometimes, the groom sends somebody to represent him during the nikah instead of attending it himself. Regardless of who does the proposing, there will always be at least two male witnesses present during the ceremony, sent by the bride. In order to show that they have free will, the bride and the groom would say the word qabul three times, meaning that they accept the terms of the meher.

How They Celebrate After the Wedding Ceremony

Sometimes known as the walima, the valima is a grand feast that is held the night after the nikah. This event celebrates the completion of the marriage, often including speeches and various performances, and is often compared to the type of reception you might expect to see at a wedding held in America, perhaps in cities like New York. According to Brides, it is the family of the groom that finances and hosts the valima.

Now that you know what happens during most Muslim weddings, you will be a little more enlightened if and when you have the opportunity to attend one of these beautiful and traditional ceremonies in cities like St. Louis. Knowing more facts about a certain culture’s traditions can help you better appreciate what is happening during the actual wedding ceremony, and can make you appear a lot more informed when interacting with the couple or any of the guests.

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