March 9, 2017 alimatin

Houston Indian Muslim wedding concept video

Another wonderful out of town wedding from Chicago to Houston for our couple Imran and Natasha. We started our film production

Journey at a unique venue called In Paris, with high ceilings we where able to capture Drone shots for the Mehndi day. This wedding

had much more then your typical ceremony and reception, from dance performances explosive dance sets and much more bringing the

Houston vibe had a big production value for the trailer. Our clients where so easy to work with in collaborating with our stylistic shoot.

The Stylized portion for any wedding adds glamour and vibe for wedding film production in the Muslim Indian wedding community as

it adds style to present the outfits worn along with the personalities of the couple.  In this concept video shown prior to the wedding on

the Mehndi day portraits a unique look into the couples pre-engagements and a unique wedding pre video to be shown for a save the date


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