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Different Videography Styles for filming South Asian Weddings

Most individuals fail to realize that there are more ways to capture weddings and their festivities than just home videos or photographs. Just as there are professional photographers that specialize in taking pictures at weddings and receptions, there are also skilled South Asian Videographer in Los Angeles or in New York. However, before you go about selecting the right videographer for the big event, it helps to understand the different styles of filming that these professionals employ.

There are basically two types of videography styles to consider where the filming of a wedding is concerned. One is known as a “cinematic” style while the other is referred to as a “documentary” style of filming. So while South Asian Videographer services in St Louis may utilize the cinematic style, as Asian weddings have songs and dances at every step. They may employ the documentary style or make it more interactive. Furthermore these wedding videos may utilize a style that is a blend or fusion of both.

Cinematic Style

The cinematic style typically appeals to the emotions and takes a more artistic approach to film production. The highlights of this style include background music, saturation of colors, and varying camera angles to create more of an emotional impact. Basically, the cinematic style has more entertainment value than the documentary style. The highlights are edited in post-production in order to achieve a film-like appearance and keep the viewers captivated throughout the film. You might not hear the guests talking as that is edited out and songs play over the video of the wedding. However, you can get the video customized as per your requirement.

Documentary Style

While you would think that wedding videography would favor the cinematic style listed above, this simply isn’t the case. Traditional ceremonies and weddings are typically filmed in the documentary style. With the documentary style, everything is filmed exactly as it occurs throughout the event. You won’t see anyone posing nor will any scenes be staged. Every segment is filmed as it happens with little or no editing being done in post-production. Basically, it is what it is.

Fusion of both Styles

In recent years, the intermixture of the above styles has become popular in the filming of Indian and Pakistani weddings including pre-wedding activities. As these styles of wedding videos evolved over the years, many new ideas arose and replaced the current mindset. In terms of editing style, many older videos now appear obsolete. The fusion style arose out of a need to bridge the cinematic form with the documentary type of filming.

Consequently, Asian traditional celebrations and events along with weddings are being filmed with an artistic twist to these videos. To say the least, it is a very unique yet highly entertaining type of filming and one that many traditionalists are now taking advantage of. If you are looking for a videographer to cover your wedding or someone in your family or for friends, start looking online. There are plenty of companies offering videographer services in New York and Los Angeles.

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