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Different Corporate Video Formats That Work Well for Internet Marketing Strategies

For many companies today, content marketing is crucial to successfully promoting your brand. This means going beyond uploading straightforward ads and creating multimedia that provides something useful, whether you’re targeting consumers in New York or other cities. In case you’re having trouble thinking of what to create, here are a few ideas for your next corporate video.

Teaching New Skills Quickly with Educational Videos

A lot of people enjoy learning something new, no matter how young or old they happen to be. After all, being able to master a new skill tends to come with a sense of achievement. Now that people’s attention spans have gotten shorter, though, more and more audiences are looking for quick and easy videos to watch that do not take up much of their time. According to ReelSEO, the average time of an ad is now at 30 seconds. It is also advisable to add some form of subtitles so that viewers can still watch them when automatically play on their social media feeds without audio.

How to Attract Attention with Entertaining Videos

Though people enjoy building up their skillset, many of them want to relax after a long stressful day at work, too. Some people do this by watching some funny and amusing videos on their phones, tablets, laptops, or PCs. According to WooRank, your brand can take advantage of this by crafting creative and humorous video content that has a concept based on your niche. Though these types of videos may be hit or miss, depending on if your sense of humor matches that of your audience’s, they usually go viral relatively well because of how entertaining they are. Since the success of a joke lies on how well you managed to surprise the audience with the plot twist, it gives them the idea that your brand has a lot more in store for them than they expected, too.

Word-of-Mouth: Using Customer Testimonial Videos

Besides looking for useful information and entertaining themselves, the number one thing your viewers are looking for is how well your main brand offering works. Most companies have a short section on their website that compiles several testimonials from satisfied customers. These customers could come from various cities across the globe, such as St. Louis. Usually, these contain just a quote in text form, and sometimes a photo of the person in question. However, you can take this further by creating a video out of it. According to BrainShark, using videos can make your testimonials look more personal and authentic. It can also be a more engaging way to relay information about your company to potential clients.

Whether you create these yourself or hire a Desi cinematographer in Los Angeles, your company can reap in all the great benefits of content marketing. Try at least one of these video formats and test which one works best for your company. If you are able to keep this up, you may even be able to convert your viewers into repeat customers.

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