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Corporate Video Production & The Art of the Story

Photo: Storyboard for Corporate Video ProductionAt Aria Fine Art Films, we believe that things like world-class lighting, pristine image quality and perfect sound are hugely important parts of your corporate video production efforts. However, they are exactly that – parts of a much larger whole. At the end of the day, spending all the money on the latest and greatest HD cameras won’t mean a difference if you don’t have the most integral component at the heart of it all:

A story.

Corporate video production is more than just an introduction to your business for a whole world filled with potential clients. It’s more than just a digital business card that keeps your contact information in the forefront of their minds at all times. It is a narrative – or at least it should be – and the art of the story is one of the most necessary elements that you should be focusing on during this time.

What Makes a Great Story?

From a certain perspective, it’s important to think about corporate video production in Chicago the same way you would a typical feature film. What keeps people in their seats isn’t necessarily the special effects, the actors or that amazing musical score – it’s the story at the heart of it all. Think about that feeling you get when you read a good book. Think about how great it feels when you just can’t seem to stop turning the pages and suddenly you’re deeply, emotionally invested in what is happening in a way that you just can’t seem to pry yourself away from.

This is the art of the story in action. Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, your story can take many forms. It can be an oral history of not just how your company came into existence, but WHY. It can give real faces to ideas like why you got into the business in the first place, what you’re hoping to accomplish and why you think you can improve the lives of your potential clients in a way like nobody else can.

If your corporate video production DOESN’T have a story at the heart of it all, you may have something that looks great but is ultimately pretty forgettable. Having that story, on the other hand, is the engine that drives customers right to your doorstep day after day, year after year.

The Aria Fine Art Films Approach

At Aria Fine Art Films, we have years of experience handling all areas of corporate video production services for clients located in and around the Chicago area. But more than that, we’re accomplished storytellers in every sense of the term. We understand how to find that perfect story at the heart of your business – the one that is naturally compelling and that your target audience won’t be able to look away from – and present it to them in the most effective way possible.

At Aria Fine Art Films, we want to provide you with the best corporate video production services you can imagine but more importantly, we want to tell your story.

If you’re in the marketing for high quality corporate video production services in and around Chicago and are looking for a true collaborative partner that can help your business sing for a whole new generation, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Aria Fine Art Films to find out more information.

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