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Choosing Videography over Regular Photos for Your Event

When it comes to preserving memories of family activities and important events in your life, there’s something magical about videos that entertains, entices, and exhilarates the viewers. You don’t feel this kind of mystique when looking at photographs because of the lack of animation. Basically, still photos are lifeless when compared to what an experienced videographer can produce. While you and your family members are the central focus of still photos, they’ll be the supporting cast in your videos.

Since no two videographers have the same methods or style of filming, they rely on a variety of editing options. You will find that most videographers offer more than one package for filming and producing the more traditional Muslim events. By documenting your once-in-a-lifetime event, such as the festival of Eid al-Fitr at the end of Ramadan or your son’s wedding, you can revisit these memories as often as you like. Most families like to go over these memories when they have company or relatives gather together. It is more fun watching it together and sharing the happy times together.

When choosing a Muslim videographer in Los Angeles, in New York, or in St. Louis, you need to consider the style of film that you want. For instance, if you are having your son’s or daughter’s wedding filmed, you’ll have a choice “cinematic” or “documentary” style videography to consider prior to the event. Here is how the two styles differ:

Cinematic videography – this is the type of filming you anticipate experiencing in movie theaters. It has a film-like appearance and may use slow-motion or transition effects to make more of an impact. It increases the emotional impact of the film by using color saturation, different camera angles, music, and so on. It uses the “Wow” factor in order to portray your story in unique fashion.

Documentary videography – as the name implies, this style captures the day and events as well as the order in which they happen. There is very little cut out that needs to be in with documentary style videos when doing the final edit. Unlike cinematic filming, there is no color saturation, few if any different camera angles, and no music.

As Muslim populations continue to grow in the larger cities of the eastern, Midwestern, and western regions of the US, they bring with them their family lifestyles and traditions. Annual celebrations and festivals are very important from a traditional standpoint in New York. So why not entrust a Muslim videographer in Los Angeles, to capture those memories in motion pictures. These professionals always rely on certain techniques when filming your family event. let them catch you having fun with your family as you always wanted. You don’t have to be behind the camera and miss out from family photographs and videos, but be an active part of it.

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