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Choosing the Right Online Venue for Posting Your Corporate Videos

In recent years, videos have been gaining a lot more exposure on the Internet. Whether you hire an Indian videographer in Los Angeles or tap into other creative markets, you also have to consider the best places online to upload your content. Here are a few options that you can consider the next time you are thinking of uploading a new corporate video:

Company Website: Branded and Credible

One of the first places that you should upload your video to is your own website. After all, when people search for your company, your page is most likely the first thing that they will see in any search engine result. According to statistics from FunnelScience, using videos on your landing pages can lead to increasing your conversions by up to 800 percent. You can go further and include high-quality video content on your blog posts, too. Your audience may not have enough time to go looking around for your social media accounts, so take advantage of your own branded space by regularly uploading relevant videos to your website.

Social Media Accounts: Timely and Trending

Besides your company website, there are many other avenues to post your video such as social media sites. In recent years, these sites have been gaining more users across the globe, with some sites having up to a billion active profiles. According to statistics from Simply Measured, video content is 1200 percent more likely to be shared than any text posts or statuses that contain only links to other sites. You can try posting to the more popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or go for more niche audiences on sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Vine.

E-Mail Distribution: Categorized and Personalized

While the first two options talk about posting videos where your audience might come across them, it also would not hurt to try sending your content directly to your target viewers. This may seem like an old-fashioned or possibly invasive approach, but done correctly, e-mail content marketing can work to your advantage without alienating your audience. According to statistics from PR Newswire, any press releases or e-mails that include some form of video content have a higher chance of being viewed by the recipient, nearly 970 percent more times than content that contains nothing but text. Some e-mail providers are even taking the rise of video marketing into consideration, with Gmail providing a new tab specifically for categorizing any emails that it identifies as aimed for marketing something to you.

After reading this article, you hopefully now have a better idea of how your marketing can improve simply by trying out a new venue you may have never thought about posting to before. Just make sure that you choose sites that let you reach the right people for your brand, whether they are located in New York, St. Louis, or any other city. Take another look at your online video strategy and see if you’re using the best online venues to reach the correct target markets.

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