March 15, 2017 alimatin

Chicago Corporate Video Production Music Video (Behind the Scenes)

A look behind the scenes in this Chicago corporate video production film set. We loved working with Elephant Man and Dj
Sultan the past 3 days in this corporate production. Aria Films crew worked 12 hour days for 3 days to create this Music
video which will showcase in April of 2017. Our locations based in a car room show cased exotic cars and look we were
going for the music video, along with other location which was a downtown Chicago venue called Joy District we were
able to bring the ambience of lighting and dance vibes to the table. The locations allowed for big spaces to utilize
cranes and dana dollies. We where very happy with the end result from lighting to gear. We used Carl Ziess lenses along
with the Canon 1-dc in 4k to bring this music video its life.

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