Chicago corporate Video Car commercial production

This car commercial video production shoot took us about a full day on site. We filmed there luxury cars to showcase what they had to offer from extravagant cars. We provided drones to capture indoor as well as outdoor establishing shots for a wider angle. The commercial corporate video
production was filmed on our Canon 1-dc series with Carl Zeiss lenses. Depending on the production budget we can offer our clients mid to high end corporate video production from drones,4k advanced color grading options and much more to suite there needs. A crew of 3 was only needed to film this commercial as we used lED lights along with natural lighting when available. Post production audio work was added in later along with lava mics for clear sounds.

EPIC Chicago Hindu Indian Wedding Highlights at the Drake Hotel and Chicago Field Museum

Talk about spectacular! This Chicago Hindu Indian wedding video filmed at the Drake Hotel and Chicago Field Museum will leave you with the highest expectations a high-end wedding can bring you. Lets start from day 1, a custom bollywood theme presented at the brides house for all friend and family to enjoy. The bollywood theme incorporated a red carpet line up recession line for the immediate family members leading to a custom backdrop for photos taken by Fred Asad from Orlando who is one of the leading South Asian photographers in the Nation for his style and creative
work/flow. A beautiful tented layout located in the backyard of the mansion presented a warm welcome for everyone to enjoy, located within a stage for all the dance and music performances. Guests from all over the world came to the bollywood night to enjoy a celebration from the start with custom
tickets needed for entrance each guest was given tickets to enter. With bollywood movie poster board banners it definitely brought a great element to the theme. This was only the start, from here we followed the wedding to the Drake Hotel in Chicago for an amazing night of more dance performances with a live band. Drish Couture did an amazing job coordinating the catering service and night with so much food to offer from around the world leaving your taste buds overwhelmed with such various flavors. Our wonderful host Director of Social Catering at the Drake Hotel made it possible for us to film on the roof top of the beautiful Drake Hotel which added so much production value to our production, thanks Antoinette Cahill for making this happen ! We end our day at the Chicago Field Museum, talk about decor, wow !! Shaadi creations created a beautiful custom ceremony set up at the Drake Hotel. The Field Museum was outstanding, the glitz and glamour with magic trick acts performed made it an entertaining night. The lighting was so illuminating, just the right touch from Frost Lighting to bring a wedding at home for the Field Museum. Cocktail hour was a blast as ladies set up within a centered booth handed out drinks while holding umbrellas. The barat was formed outside the back of the Drake Hotel which came all the way through closing off parts of Downtown, it lead down lake shore for a spectacular view which ended back to the front entrance. One of the greatest weddings of 2016, if you weren’t there don’t worry as the clients have shared there movie trailer for all to view. Enjoy !!

Chicago Corporate Video Production Music Video (Behind the Scenes)

A look behind the scenes in this Chicago corporate video production film set. We loved working with Elephant Man and Dj
Sultan the past 3 days in this corporate production. Aria Films crew worked 12 hour days for 3 days to create this Music
video which will showcase in April of 2017. Our locations based in a car room show cased exotic cars and look we were
going for the music video, along with other location which was a downtown Chicago venue called Joy District we were
able to bring the ambience of lighting and dance vibes to the table. The locations allowed for big spaces to utilize
cranes and dana dollies. We where very happy with the end result from lighting to gear. We used Carl Ziess lenses along
with the Canon 1-dc in 4k to bring this music video its life.

Houston Indian Muslim wedding concept video

Another wonderful out of town wedding from Chicago to Houston for our couple Imran and Natasha. We started our film production

Journey at a unique venue called In Paris, with high ceilings we where able to capture Drone shots for the Mehndi day. This wedding

had much more then your typical ceremony and reception, from dance performances explosive dance sets and much more bringing the

Houston vibe had a big production value for the trailer. Our clients where so easy to work with in collaborating with our stylistic shoot.

The Stylized portion for any wedding adds glamour and vibe for wedding film production in the Muslim Indian wedding community as

it adds style to present the outfits worn along with the personalities of the couple.  In this concept video shown prior to the wedding on

the Mehndi day portraits a unique look into the couples pre-engagements and a unique wedding pre video to be shown for a save the date


Chicago Indian Stylized Wedding at the Drake Hotel

A creative Chicago Indian wedding stylistic shoot at the Drake hotel in downtown Chicago. A creative team of partners worked

together on this stylized wedding shoot to feature new fashion attire from decor,lighting,wedding videography,photography and

much more. The top vendors of the South Asian client-tell in Chicago specializing in Indian Hindu weddings have put together

months of work and preparation to bring this wonderful production to life at the beautiful venue Drake Hotel in Chicago.

A stylized shoot in Downtown Chicago showcasing the most elite wedding vendors in the city ! filmed by Aria Films
Clients can view the one and only Drake Hotel in Chicago with its beautiful venue along with all the creative partners from Hair,makeup,dress,mens attire,jewelry,photography,videography,decor and planning.
Offering South Asian client-tell high-end ultra luxury vendors to choose for there next big wedding.Venue: Drake Hotel Chicago
Decor & Event Planning: Events by Nisar
Floral: Vivek Flowers
Photography: Gerber & Scarpelli
Film: Aria Films
Caterer: Mantra by Indian Garden
Couture Designer: Dilli Darzi
Hair: Hands2Create
Make-up: Laura Franco

Video Production Companies Chicago

Corporate Video Production is Advantageous to Businesses Growth

Many businesses today have enjoyed the benefits that video production companies in Chicago have provided, when incorporating this into their overall marketing strategy. Many corporations use videos for a multitude of reasons including:

  • company or product promotional videos
  • informational videos
  • service promotional videos
  • targeted videos that reach a specific group of demographics
  • training videos

With the exception of the 4th point above, these videos are typically viewed by current employees and new hires, but they can also be designed for other businesses to see them. Furthermore, these videos are utilized to convey financial results, promotions, safety, and training information. At Aria Film Studio, well-known as one of the leading video production companies in Chicago, we are able to work with a wide range of clients on many different levels. Especially where delivering your company’s marketing message is concerned.

We Turn Concepts and Ideas into Reality

As an industry leader, we know that no two clients are alike. So it takes a special talent to turn a company’s concepts or ideas into reality. There are a number of ways in which video production companies Chicago develop videos for marketing purposes. Every business entity has a different corporate setting and videography environment. So it takes a video production company with a proven track record and solid reputation to manage such a project.

The video specialists and technicians at Aria Film Studio take the following elements or factors into consideration when developing your concept and ideas:

  • 3D animation
  • casting
  • color correction
  • concept development
  • location scouting
  • motion graphics
  • music scoring
  • pre-production
  • previsualization
  • production
  • script writing
  • sound design
  • storyboards
  • video Editing
  • video finishing
  • visual effects


We can tell your story using the latest videography technologies and provide you with an authentic, beautiful, dynamic, entertaining and informative video that will separate your company from your competitors.

Advantages of Corporate Video Productions

When directed and produced properly, a corporate video can be a very powerful tool for marketing and promoting your company, and the products or services you offer. While there are numerous Chicago video production companies available, not all of them have the combined experience and expertise required to make a high-quality marketing video. It takes a specialized skill set to produce a corporate video that conveys the message that clients, and their companies, are trying to deliver internally to their employees. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a very boring and ineffective video.

Having corporate videos gives companies a decided advantage over their competitors who have not incorporated this into their business growth strategies. Another primary advantage is that a professionally produced corporate video is a great tool for educating and training employees; especially new hires. Furthermore, you can create a video and post it to your website in order to expand your target audience, or use them internally and make them accessible to specific users only. Finally, you can use these videos for educational purposes such as safety training for employees.

Needless to say, the primary advantages, and/or benefit, are the cost-effectiveness of corporate videos. For example, you can deliver a message with a professionally produced video, verses spending considerable money and time flying a CEO or HR across the country, for an informational meeting or a training. It goes without saying that these visual tools can save corporations thousands of dollars on their bottom line, while extend their reach to employees on a national or global scale.

Marketing and Promotional Advantages

Granted, there are a number of video production companies in Chicago that now develop marketing and promotional videos. However, Aria Film Studio stresses understanding why the following five (5) points are essential to developing a successful video campaign:

  • Consumers are more likely to purchase goods or services after watching a video.
  • Social media video campaigns are a proven effective marketing tool.
  • Users tend to engage more with videos rather than content.
  • Video stimulates more word-of-mouth advertising than content does.
  • When the content is interesting, viewers will be more prone to sharing it.

As your corporate video production partner, we will help you deliver your message and tell your story to an expansive target audience. Whether you want to reach consumers regionally, nationally, or globally, contact Aria Film Studio, one of the best video production companies in Chicago, and speak to a specialist about your specific needs. We’ll turn your concept or idea into reality.

Video Production Chicago

Five Essential Rules of Producing a High-Quality Corporate Video

Very few business owners and corporate executives would disagree with the fact that one of the keys to success with any company is a multi-faceted marketing strategy. However, there are very few who can invest the effort, money, and time into that endeavor. Why? Because they need to focus on what is more important, namely running their business. It is very difficult to launch and grow any type of business in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Consequently, you need a sufficient amount of marketing support in order to grow and expand your business, while realizing a long-term ROI in the process.

What We Can Do for You

Aria Film Studio can customize a flexible marketing plan for a video production in Chicago, which is tailored to the needs of businesses just like yours. We can create a video marketing campaign that is geared to those needs and ensures a return on your investment by providing definitive results. Our video production specialists have a single focus – doing whatever it takes to assist you in achieving your marketing goals. Whether you’re in the clothing industry or the tech sector, we will help you reach your targeted audience, build your client’s or customer’s trust, and create long-term profitable relationships.

It’s All About Following the Rules

As children, most of us were taught to follow and obey the rules so that we didn’t get punished for our actions or behavior. In a sense, the same holds true when you are developing a video production in Chicago as part of your overall marketing strategy. Here are five (5) rules that are essential to the production of a high-quality video campaign:

Define your target audience and refine it as it becomes necessary – With most companies and industries, marketing is about communicating and positioning your unique message, and value, to a specific or targeted audience. But before you can deliver your marketing message, you have to define and identify who that audience is. You know that your products or services are not designed for everybody. So it is imperative that you market them to the right audience. And that is where video production Chicagohelps.

Make an emotional connection with your audience by telling them your story – We would like to believe that as human beings, we are totally capable of making rational, well-informed decisions. However, consumers look for an emotional connection with a product or service before purchasing it. As a result, virtually every one of our buying decisions is based on an emotional response. Unfortunately, most of today’s campaigns for corporate marketing, with Chicago video production, tend to bore the viewer. They are choked with repetitive recitations of features and benefits.

Remember, you’re not the focus; your client or customer is – Today’s consumer could care less about you or your company’s history. What they want to know is whether or not your products or services can solve a particular problem that they are having. Our Chicago video production marketing campaigns are created from a client or customer perspective. You have to put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. Find out what they are concerned about or what is important to them, and address those issues in your corporate video.

Share your beliefs, not what you do – Today’s businesses expect a certain degree of transparency, a strange concept for older, established companies to learn. You’ve only scratched the surface by getting the consumer’s attention initially. The specialists at Aria Film Studio know that you are going to have to divulge something about yourself, or your company, in order to hold their attention and sell them what you have to offer. Remember, marketing video production, in Chicago, today, is all about beliefs and core values.

Show the consumer, don’t tell them – Our corporate videos have evolved into a very powerful marketing tool. They hold the ability to inform and persuade the consumer better than any other type of advertising venue. Videos engage your target audience both orally and visually. Aria Film Studio can help you show the consumer how your product or service works. Thereby, they generate more revenue and profits than if you told them about it. This enables you to convey important information to consumers that are hungry for knowledge.

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing video production in Chicago, because every business is different. For more information regarding our video services, contact Aria Film Studio and let us turn your concept or ideas into reality.

Corporate Video Chicago

Improve Your Marketing with Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production was developed to fill two very basic needs – to educate and to inform a specific target audience. Hence, it eventually evolved into a very powerful and versatile marketing tool. It encompasses a broad spectrum of both educational and informative opportunities. Furthermore, it provides company employees with a visual display of the different procedures and standards that are expected of them.

Internal Use of Corporate Videos

There are a number of ways in which a corporate video production, in Chicago, can be used more effectively to help current employees and new hires succeed. For example one can utilize: company or product promotional videos, informational videos, service promotional videos, and training videos. Even when a company has multiple locations, these types of corporate videos can be used throughout. Plus, when Aria Film Studio produces these videos, they can always change or update them as needed.

Benefits of Chicago Corporate Video Production

One of the primary benefits of our Chicago corporate video productions is that they can be viewed at any time – day or night, unless certain restrictions are in place. This means that if some refresher training becomes necessary, those different videos are still available for viewing. In addition to this, you and your business staff, as well as our studio personnel, can post corporate videos that only a specific department or group of employees can access. This also applies to posting videos as a refresher course for company rules and regulations or employee standards.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that you can teach the mechanics of the business, or implement a risk management strategy, companywide. The bottom line is that there are literally dozens of applications for corporate video, in Chicago, that Aria Film Studio can produce. Your employees will know what the company expects and needs from them; while at the same time keeping their attitude positive and still motivating them in the process. With the addition of corporate videos to your internal marketing strategy, your employees will learn about company operations as quickly as there are updates.

Additional Considerations

Ultimately, the around-the-clock accessibility and availability of your corporate videos ensures that the company is saving a great deal of money. Instead of dealing with the expense of sending the new hire to a different location for training, they can view the appropriate videos online; whenever and wherever they want. This could save you and your company tens of thousands of dollars that could be invested in more important endeavors, such as investing in future locations.

As a result, you or your staff members will not have to continually monitor new hires. They will know what is expected of them once they have watched a specific corporate video Chicago, that was produced for your entry level employees. Plus, the posting and viewing of these videos is done with a few mouse clicks. How simple could that be? The new hire will learn from the material while the company is promoting its products or services to an attentive audience.

Aria Film Studio takes into account what they have learned about the client, their business, and the products or services they are currently offering. And, this develops a fresh outlook for their audience, and their employees as well. In addition to the promotional contribution to the company; posting these Chicago corporate videos will help you deliver the company’s marketing message to a much targeted audience. It is another cost-effective avenue for marketing your products or services.

Corporate Videos – the Ultimate Traffic Generator

Last but not least, your strategy for a corporate video, in Chicago, is a great search engine marketing and optimization tool for increasing your brand awareness, and enhancing your company’s image. If there are videos embedded in your blog or website, it is 53% more likely that your company website will be positioned on the first Google search engine results page (SERP).

Production of Corporate video in Chicago provides better search engine optimization (SEO) and drives more visitor traffic to your website. And, it interests them in the products or services you have to offer, while increasing your brand awareness in the process. For more information regarding our corporate video production services contact the Aria Film Studio at your earliest convenience. Let us show you how to understand the big picture and realize your goals.

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