Reasons Why Training Videos Cannot Be an Afterthought

Photo: Corporate Training Seminar Corporate training videos need to service a few different masters at essentially the same time. First and foremost they need to be insightful – a viewer needs to know more about a particular topic when a video ends than they did before it started. But it also needs to be motivating. It needs to be emotional. It needs to be electric.

Sadly, it will be none of these things if you make the mistake of far too many business professionals and look at your training videos as little more than an afterthought in your long-term strategies. Read more

The Importance of Brand Continuity + Brand Videos

Brand Video - Studio SetAccording to a recent study conducted by Accenture, 28% of consumers are loyal to the particular providers or brands they’ve chosen to buy from in the past. Of those loyal consumers, 61% indicated that they would gladly be willing to tell their friends and family members about positive experiences they’ve had because of that loyalty that has developed naturally over time.

Many people believe that the only way to generate that loyalty is through customer service. While this will always play an important role, you can actually use your brand videos to accomplish much the same thing – provided that you know how to utilize the concept of brand continuity and let it work to your advantage.

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The Power of Video Marketing: Broadening Your Reach

Video Marketing GraphicTo say that video marketing is a powerful tool to spread the word about your business is something of an understatement. According to a study conducted by Unruly, customers who enjoy video advertisements and similar pieces of video marketing content see their intent to purchase increase by a whopping 97%. At the same time, brand association increases by 139% – significantly outpacing even conventional marketing means like SEO that have become more and more popular as the digital age goes on. Read more

Why Great Video Editing Can Help Your Corporate Video

Photo: Video Editing EquipmentWhen most people think of video editing, they usually think of taking raw footage and arranging individual shots into an order that tells a story. While this type of continuity is certainly important, the true power of great video editing is something much more subtle: impact.

Great video editing can truly help your corporate video shine. However, the reverse is also true – poor video editing can ruin even the most beautifully-shot footage if you’re not careful. Great video editing is almost like a magic trick – you might not be able to fully explain what you’ve seen, but you know it was magical. Understanding the true importance of this filmmaking tool that far too many people take for granted requires you to keep a few key things in mind.

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Power of Corporate Video – Stats That Are Too Important to Ignore

Photo: Guy watching a video on a mobile deviceAt Aria Fine Art Films, we understand just how important corporate video is to your larger marketing efforts. As this is still a relatively young concept, however, we also understand that you may be on the fence about taking such a bold leap forward. Things are going pretty well already, do you really need to invest the time, money and energy into quality corporate video production?

As these stats go a long way towards illustrating, the answer is and will always be an enthusiastic “yes!” Read more

Trends in Corporate Video Production

Photo: Digital Video CameraAt Aria Fine Art Films, we truly believe in the power of corporate video production and the many different benefits that it can bring to your business. According to a survey conducted by Forbes, 75% of respondents said that they watched some type of corporate video at least once a week. Not only that, but 65% of them said that they typically visited a marketer’s website soon after viewing that video.

With technology becoming more affordable and easier to use all the time, more and more businesses are dipping their toes into the proverbial waters of corporate video production every day. In order to really stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the full power of this format, we find that there are a number of interesting trends that are more than worth exploring. Read more

Why YouTube is the Right Choice For Your Next Corporate Video

Photo: Sharing Video on Social MediaAt Aria Fine Art Films, we understand that while taking a solid vision for a corporate video and executing it into the best possible reality is an important part of your larger efforts, it is just that – a single part. What good is a perfect video that you spent a huge amount of time, money and energy on if nobody is around to view it? When it comes time to putting your next corporate video online, we think that YouTube is absolutely the right choice for not just your video but for your brand and business for a number of very compelling reasons. Read more


Very few business owners and corporate executives would disagree with the fact that one of the keys to success with any company is a multi-faceted marketing strategy. However, there are very few who can invest the effort, money, and time into that endeavor. Why? Because they need to focus on what is more important, namely running their business. It is very difficult to launch and grow any type of business in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Consequently, you need a sufficient amount of marketing support in order to grow and expand your business, while realizing a long-term ROI in the process.  Read more

Why Invest in Marketing Videos?

Why Invest in Marketing Videos?Photo: Person watching a marketing video on a phone

At Aria Fine Art Films, it isn’t just storytelling that is our passion. The thing that excites us the most is waking up in the morning and getting a chance to use every creative tool we have available to us – from concept development to script writing to shooting and editing and beyond – to tell the true story of your brand or business in the most effective way possible.

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Key Considerations when filming a Hindu Wedding

Finding a good videography service can be challenging when you consider how many companies are available. However, finding the right videographer to film your Hindu wedding is considerably more difficult. Not only does it require a staff of professional and talented individuals, it requires additional expertise and specialization unlike any other videography service. Whether it’s the experience of a Hindu wedding videography service in Los Angeles, New York, or in St. Louis that you require, there are some key considerations to be aware of. Read more

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