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5 Reasons to have a Corporate Video produced for Your Company

Today’s consumer tends to think visually when it comes to shopping for household products and services. Consequently, video marketing has become an effective tool for reaching the visual buyer. Regardless of the business or industry, Chicago corporate video production companies can help you promote your products or services to an ever-expanding marketplace. In turn, you’ll increase sales and profits by reaching a larger, visually-driven target audience.

If you are interested in how corporate video marketing can benefit your business, here are 5 key reasons why your company needs to consider this venue:

  • Build better brand awareness – corporate videos are fast becoming a tool for building brand awareness through increased visibility. Ironically, it is still under-utilized as a key component in digital marketing strategies. You can reach a larger target audience by improving your search engine marketing efforts. Compared to audio, images, and text, the major search engines are prioritizing properly tagged videos higher in the SERP’s (search engine results pages).
  • Corporate videos are an ideal platform for delivering your marketing message – this may be the single most important reason for considering Chicago corporate video production. Video production offers an excellent avenue for getting your message to a large viewing audience. Also, you can give your employees a better sense of the direction that your company may be headed in or introduce your business to a newer targeted audience.
  • Increase sales conversion rates – many companies today use high-quality Chicago corporate video production to generate more sales leads and increase sales conversion rates. After watching a promotional video, consumers are more likely to inquire about a product or service and eventually purchase it than if they are merely looking at a print advertisement. Video also helps them to retain the information longer as well.
  • Products or services can be easily demonstrated – suffice it to say, video is a better avenue for explaining how a product works or how to benefit from a company’s services compared to reading about them. Furthermore, these videos can be posted on your company website or posted on social media platforms.
  • Video is considerably more effective – consumers today would rather watch a 2 or 3 minute video about products or services rather than spending 15 to 20 minutes reading about them. Thanks to audio and visual cues, corporate videos are considerably more effective than written content. Plus, your clients or customers will hear your marketing message throughout the video rather than trying to retain it from the written word.

When choosing a Chicago corporate video production company to film your videos, choose one that not only offers an extensive line of services, but one that can develop a video that is tailored to fit the needs of your business. Talk to a video production company today to get the details and free quote on your requirements.


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