Corporate Video Production & The Art of the Story

Photo: Storyboard for Corporate Video ProductionAt Aria Fine Art Films, we believe that things like world-class lighting, pristine image quality and perfect sound are hugely important parts of your corporate video production efforts. However, they are exactly that – parts of a much larger whole. At the end of the day, spending all the money on the latest and greatest HD cameras won’t mean a difference if you don’t have the most integral component at the heart of it all:

A story. Read more

Wedding Videography + Events By Nisar

Aria Films – Wedding Videography

Aria Films recently partnered with Events by Nisar to film this stunning event and showcase the glamour and elegance of weddings and events produced by Events by Nisar.  Our events and wedding videography are contemporary and modern; offering you a consistent and flawless cinematic experience from start to finish. Every wedding is unique so please contact us for more information on our various packages, or general questions.

About Events by Nisar

Events by Nisar strives to bring events to life that make their clients’ personality and/or company mission shine through every detail, while respecting cultural traditions and preferences. They can assist you in planning and executing every detail of your event. From local weddings, international and exotic destination weddings, to social affairs, corporate conventions and galas, Events by Nisar is a one stop shop for event planning.

Since 1990, Events by Nisar has been creating exception events worldwide.  Their collective group of talented designers and craftsmen consistently produce unique, custom designed events that reflect their clients’ personality and individual taste. Regardless of the specific type of event being planned, they promise it will be a magnificent occasion that you and your guests will never forget. They take care of everything to create the perfect event. In addition to fabulous floral decor, they create stunning drapery and custom designed backdrops, provide various lighting options and complete ceremony, reception and stage decor.  Visit their website to see more of their portfolio and understand how they can help you create a fabulous event!

Reasons Why Training Videos Cannot Be an Afterthought

Photo: Corporate Training Seminar Corporate training videos need to service a few different masters at essentially the same time. First and foremost they need to be insightful – a viewer needs to know more about a particular topic when a video ends than they did before it started. But it also needs to be motivating. It needs to be emotional. It needs to be electric.

Sadly, it will be none of these things if you make the mistake of far too many business professionals and look at your training videos as little more than an afterthought in your long-term strategies. Read more

The Importance of Brand Continuity + Brand Videos

Brand Video - Studio SetAccording to a recent study conducted by Accenture, 28% of consumers are loyal to the particular providers or brands they’ve chosen to buy from in the past. Of those loyal consumers, 61% indicated that they would gladly be willing to tell their friends and family members about positive experiences they’ve had because of that loyalty that has developed naturally over time.

Many people believe that the only way to generate that loyalty is through customer service. While this will always play an important role, you can actually use your brand videos to accomplish much the same thing – provided that you know how to utilize the concept of brand continuity and let it work to your advantage.

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