Key Considerations when filming a Hindu Wedding

Finding a good videography service can be challenging when you consider how many companies are available. However, finding the right videographer to film your Hindu wedding is considerably more difficult. Not only does it require a staff of professional and talented individuals, it requires additional expertise and specialization unlike any other videography service. Whether it’s the experience of a Hindu wedding videography service in Los Angeles, New York, or in St. Louis that you require, there are some key considerations to be aware of. Read more

Essential Components of High-Quality Corporate Video Production

Most business owners and corporate executives realize that there is more to the growth and success of their companies than merely offering a high-quality product or service. The way you adhere to strict quality control for your products or services is equally as important as the way that you develop your brand and choose to promote it. One of the best ways to build a strong offline and online presence and gain market share in the process is by retaining the services of a corporate video production company in Chicago. They have the skill and understand the pulse of the consumers and can assist you develop a good corporate video for your company. Read more

Choosing the Right Sikh Cinematographer for Your Family Event

There are a number of events and festivals throughout the calendar year that the more traditional Sikhs celebrate and observe. Some of these can be extremely colorful, exciting, and worth preserving for the sake of enjoying future memories. While there are an abundance of reasons to capture these moments in still photographs, having a Sikh cinematography service in Los Angeles that specializes in filming these celebrations is much better. A film of such an event will be worth watching for years to come while photographs eventually show signs of aging and fading. Read more

Chicago, IL Indian Wedding by Aria Fine Art Films

Remember this ultra fabulous reception lengha we saw last month in these incredible images by Sapan Ahuja Photography? Well when we first met the incredible Indian bride behind it, Nidhi, we knew there was no way we could get enough of her Maharani style! Thankfully, she and Raja Pradeep had called on Aria Fine Art Films to create a keepsake film for their unforgettable event, and we get to revel all over in the details of her Desi dream wedding — including that incredible, gold reception lengha by Sabyasachi! From start to finish, this Indian wedding at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort dazzles, and so does the bride! Every detail from her red saree by VAMA Designs and her flawless hair and makeup by Makeup By Kulsoom Sakaria, to the exquisite decor by Elegance Decor can be revisited in this fantastic highlight reel! Do yourself a favor and watch it, twice.

Make sure to join us back here tomorrow for another spectacular wedding film you won’t want to miss!

Why are Corporate Videos such a Powerful Marketing Tool?

Most business owners and corporate executives understand the value of marketing and why it is so important in today’s business climate. After all, there are just as many consumers today using their smartphones or tablets as there are individuals using their desktops and laptops when making their purchasing decisions. Statistics have shown that roughly 24 million consumers are using these mobile devices on a monthly basis. So no matter if your consumers are at home, in the office, or on the go, you can reach them with a mobile-friendly corporate video production in Chicago. Read more

Choosing Videography over Regular Photos for Your Event

When it comes to preserving memories of family activities and important events in your life, there’s something magical about videos that entertains, entices, and exhilarates the viewers. You don’t feel this kind of mystique when looking at photographs because of the lack of animation. Basically, still photos are lifeless when compared to what an experienced videographer can produce. While you and your family members are the central focus of still photos, they’ll be the supporting cast in your videos.

Since no two videographers have the same methods or style of filming, they rely on a variety of editing options. You will find that most videographers offer more than one package for filming and producing the more traditional Muslim events. By documenting your once-in-a-lifetime event, such as the festival of Eid al-Fitr at the end of Ramadan or your son’s wedding, you can revisit these memories as often as you like. Most families like to go over these memories when they have company or relatives gather together. It is more fun watching it together and sharing the happy times together.

When choosing a Muslim videographer in Los Angeles, in New York, or in St. Louis, you need to consider the style of film that you want. For instance, if you are having your son’s or daughter’s wedding filmed, you’ll have a choice “cinematic” or “documentary” style videography to consider prior to the event. Here is how the two styles differ:

Cinematic videography – this is the type of filming you anticipate experiencing in movie theaters. It has a film-like appearance and may use slow-motion or transition effects to make more of an impact. It increases the emotional impact of the film by using color saturation, different camera angles, music, and so on. It uses the “Wow” factor in order to portray your story in unique fashion.

Documentary videography – as the name implies, this style captures the day and events as well as the order in which they happen. There is very little cut out that needs to be in with documentary style videos when doing the final edit. Unlike cinematic filming, there is no color saturation, few if any different camera angles, and no music.

As Muslim populations continue to grow in the larger cities of the eastern, Midwestern, and western regions of the US, they bring with them their family lifestyles and traditions. Annual celebrations and festivals are very important from a traditional standpoint in New York. So why not entrust a Muslim videographer in Los Angeles, to capture those memories in motion pictures. These professionals always rely on certain techniques when filming your family event. let them catch you having fun with your family as you always wanted. You don’t have to be behind the camera and miss out from family photographs and videos, but be an active part of it.

Why is Corporate Video Production so Important in Business?

Many businesses have yet to realize how video production plays a significant role in the corporate world. For instance, corporate video production in Chicago endeavors are an essential part of communicating with your clients or customers, employee training, new product or service announcements, and product or service updates. Therefore, you have to ensure that your videos are of the highest quality as the success of your business relies on this factor. Consequently, it is so important that you hire a company that has the experience and expertise required to produce high-quality corporate videos. Read more

Different Videography Styles for filming South Asian Weddings

Most individuals fail to realize that there are more ways to capture weddings and their festivities than just home videos or photographs. Just as there are professional photographers that specialize in taking pictures at weddings and receptions, there are also skilled South Asian Videographer in Los Angeles or in New York. However, before you go about selecting the right videographer for the big event, it helps to understand the different styles of filming that these professionals employ. Read more

Importance Of Utilizing Videos Within The Corporate Environment

Recruiting new employees is equally as important as retaining the right employees, especially in the more competitive industries. One of the most effective ways of building a sense of community for your employees and developing a team ethic is by utilizing in-house corporate videos to report on a company’s activities and promotional efforts. Depending on the industry, an entertaining video sprinkled with a bit of humor works well for the employees that it targets. Read more

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